Charlie Parker with Strings – The Master Takes {Verve}

Review by Michael J Edelman (

What Parker did on this album isn’t so different from what Miles Davis and Gil Evans did years later with “Sketches of Spain”- and come to think of it, that album was panned by critics who couldn’t understand it, either.
When the string intros start up, the casual listener might assume that this album sisn’t terribly different from the easy-listening music that pours of of elevators and “mellow jazz” radio stations that it’s easy to ignore it. But there’s something much more complex going on; Parker has created something very rare here; he’s taken a music form that few really listened to and framed it in a way that made it more accessible while not compromising his musicality in any way. This isn’t the boring and innoffensive harmonies of a Kenny G.; this is Charlie Parker, and he’s playing for all it’s worth. And it comes through.

01 – Just Friends
02 – Everything Happens to Me
03 – April in Paris [#1]
04 – Summertime
05 – I Didn’t Know What Time it Was
06 – If I Should Lose You
07 – Dancing in the Dark
08 – Out of Nowhere
09 – Laura
10 – East of the Sun (and West of the Moon)
11 – The Can’t Take that Away from Me
12 – Easy to Love [#1]
13 – I’m in the Mood for Love
14 – I’ll Remember April
15 – What is this Thing Called Love?
16 – April in Paris [#2]
17 – Repetition [#1]
18 – Easy to Love [#2]
19 – Rocker
20 – Temptation
21 – Lover
22 – Autumn in New York
23 – Stella by Starlight
24 – Repetition [#2]

Charlie Parker – alto saxophone on all tracks,
accompanied by collective personnel.

Quality: eac, flac, cue, log, artwork

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